Cory James


With over 15 years experience in web and graphic design I have entered into a season of freelancing. Recently I have been working from home for a variety of companies and individuals designing websites. More specifically I have been designing UX/UI (User Experience / User Interface) for SAAS (Software as a Service), in addition to branding, logo design, technical/strategy consulting and social networks/media integration.

Along with being a freelance web designer I currently hold a teaching position with Trades 4 Life Canada, a faith based trades school where I am teaching IT and Graphic Design in the country of Belize. I travel a lot so I enjoy the flexibility freelancing affords me.

If you need a website, logo, custom illustration or just about anything graphics, web, or social media related, shoot me an email or give me a call.

If you need enterprise level support or contracted white label work for major online development or design projects I can assist with that as well. Through my growing network of skilled developers, designers and project managers I am able to help companies by quickly assembling a virtual studio of some of the top talent in the industry.


  • Web Design
  • UX/UI
  • Illustration
  • Cinematography